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Stake owned: 15.8M GRT

Validator fee: 19,5%


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Graph?

The Graph is an indexing protocol for organizing and efficiently accessing data from blockchains and storage networks using GraphQL, accelerating blockchain application development. Delegating your GRT to indexers earns you new token issuance and ~89% of the query fees. Indexers are node operators that index data and serve queries in a query market. The Graph is currently being used in a centralized way by most of the popular Ethereum applications.

How to stake GRT?

1) You need to go to
2) Connect your wallet
3) Write 4block or 0xe7a694696a4d11ac0b7ab2dcb99a7fcf200eb00b adress in the search bar.

4) Next, you need to click on the purple button, select the number of tokens for delegation and send the transaction.

- When you delegate GRT, 0.5% of your delegation will be burned.
- Redelegation will result in your GRT not earning for 28 days

Where can I learn more about The Graph?

All information, you can find on the official website